About Us

We are quite content to be the odd medical distributor out.
We don’t have a fancy stock abbreviation to go along side our name in the press.
We don’t make the same deals, sign the same contracts or shake the same hands as everyone else and all of this is fine by us!

We’re a pack of independently spirited, fiercely unconventional people who do things a little differently.
Where other companies may value the bottom line, we value… values.
While most competitors make plans behind closed doors, our programs are cultivated out in the open for everyone to see.

We are not beholden to any stake, share or power-holders. We answer to no one but YOU.
We don’t operate this way for the fun of it (even though it is incredibly fun). 
We operate this way because we believe it’s the right thing to do.
We believe in principle over profit. We believe that secrecy is trumped by honesty and corporate interest by community.

We strongly believe in innovation that puts customers front, center and squarely in the driver’s seat.
We believe that we are the world’s best distributor and this is made possible by our engineers, programmers, designers, researchers, customer servicers and people just like you who give their time, talent, energy and support to the cause of making the world an easier place to live. 

We believe that with this cause in mind we can continue to innovate for the benefit of the individual and the betterment of the world so that it always and forever serves the greater good.

We are not just a different kind of distributor… We’re a company making the difference.