Isolation Gowns

Isolation Gowns

Gowns are effective personal protective equipment (PPE) to all in health care services, patients, visitors and others. It is a basic component that provides high level of protection from infectious and dangerous hazards.

Isolation gowns are highly recommended to be worn by the healthcare workers (HCW) for the protection of body and arm exposure while providing patient care or surgical procedures. Medical staffs and care givers often come in contact with germs, blood, bodily fluids, secretion, excretion and chemicals while rendering care activities. Thus,medical gowns are resistant to blood, fluids, infections and virus. Research and studies have proven that lab gowns reduce the infection rates. The fabric material that are specially selected in designing of disposable isolation gown, non-woven materials are used with a combination of plastic films that increases the protection from fluids or liquids to penetrate. The non-woven fibre is synthetic (polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene) which is selected to suit integrity, strength and durability rather than interlocking caused by woven/knitted fibres.

These gowns act as strong liquid barriers. Bacteria and liquids transmit through fabric materials. Microorganisms transmit through fabrics depends on several factors:

  • The shape and surface type of microbe.
  • The characteristics of carriers.
  • The physical and chemical characteristics of the fabrics.

Disposable gowns are manufactured through scientific research and advanced fabric engineered properties to suit medical needs and patient satisfaction with environmental friendly.

Features of the hospital gowns are multifunctional as it is water/liquid resistant. Prevents from penetration of dust, germs, bacteria, alcohol, blood and virus.Protects against infection and chemical contamination. Lightweight and disposable feature along with softness allow it to be comfortable to wear. Gowns are economical, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Surgical gowns are high quality medical graded gowns which are sterile and reliable for use. For procedures requiring protection from spray and splatter, fluid-repellent design provides added protection against cross contamination.Elastic cuffs, waist and neckties for comfortable fit and sewn seams provide superior strength. Latex free feature allows the gown to be allergy free and can be used by anyone as it does not contain any sort powder which can react on skin and cause sensitivity.

Medicaldepot’s isolation gowns are medical standard and especially produced for hospital, laboratory, manufacturing, food industry, hygienic application and home use.


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